The Best You Expo Meet & Greet

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The Best You Meet & Greet event was an unforgettable evening at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.

Artists, speakers, models, and industry experts with Grammy nominations and wins were all present on the red carpet. This occasion served as a living example of the value of professional and personal growth and how it can unite people from all backgrounds.

Bernardo Moya, a businessman, author, speaker, publisher, TV producer, and seminar promoter to some of the largest names in personal development, founded The Best You Expo. The Best You’s founder and chief inspirational officer, Bernardo, is committed to assisting others in becoming their best selves.

The Best You, the largest personal and professional development live exhibition in the world, has already welcomed over 40,000 guests and over 700 speakers with three successful expos conducted in London and one in Long Beach, California.

When is the next Expo?

The next Best You Expo, scheduled for March 3, 4, and 5, 2023, promises to be a thrilling occasion!

It is being held at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, California this year and promises to be even larger, bolder, and better than in years before. The goal of the Best You Expo is to bring leaders, authors, and inspirational speakers together with those who want to improve themselves. Anyone looking to improve their way of thinking about life should attend this event.

The speaker roster for this year is nothing short of incredible. Everyone can find something to their liking among the names Greg Reid, Caroline Cory, Dr. Sonja Stribling, Peter Vekselman, Dr. David Snyder DACM, Marianna Alfa, Mas Sajady, Fernando Garibay, David T. Fagan, and many others.

How you can participate.

Now is your chance to get involved if you’re interested in speaking, exhibiting, or partnering with The Best You Expo!

We highly urge all of our Healers at Love Heals the World to go to The Best You Expo for the chance to meet new like-minded people, get knowledge from industry leaders, and find inspiration to advance your own personal development.

If you’d just like to attend the event, then hurry up and pick up some free tickets for the Expo before their sold out! You won’t be sorry! Make a difference in your life by marking your calendars for the Best You Expo in 2023.

Where are the pictures?

Ok, we all know what you’re here for, please enjoy these fun pics of the evening captured by LHTW’s very own Dumisani Maraire Jr. for The Best You Expo Meet & Greet.


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