Love Heals The World is a new online arts and humanities club dedicated to spreading the divine healing power of love through music, blogs and fashion.

We call our club members Healers because they are passionate about spreading the healing power of love.

Please enjoy the latest episodes of our ‘Love Heals The World’ webseries above which is a part of our blogging mission. 


The Love Heals The World blog is curated to share people’s thoughts on love and it’s healing powers. We also aim to share important content that highlights some of the challenges the world is facing and we believe that love has the power to heal those creating the challenges and those affected by them.

Freestyle Artist Joseph aka Chase Mill Shares the Healing Power of Love

Freestyle Artist Joseph aka Chase Mill Shares the Healing Power of Love

Freestyle artist Joseph, also known as Chase Mill, is spreading love and positivity through his music. In an interview at the 2022 Thanksgiving Food Drive and Day Party by A Divine H2o, he shares his thoughts on the meaning of love and how he uses freestyle to connect with others. He also talks about his mission to spread the true understanding of mind, body, and spirit through his music. Join A Divine H2o and Joseph in spreading the healing power of love by volunteering to feed the homeless on Sunday, February 26th.

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YaQi Valerie – Imma Do Me Video Release Party

YaQi Valerie – Imma Do Me Video Release Party

It was so much fun capturingthe music video release party for Recording Artist Yaqi Valerie's latest single "Imma Do Me". We're so excited for this new project and can't wait to see and hear what Yaqi has coming up next! Photography by Dumisani Maraire Jr. Join Love...


Love Heals The World merchandise is designed to generate spontaneous connections and serve as a magnet to allow people who resonate with this message to connect through conversations and pursuing healing adventures. We also use our merch as a fundraising vehicle to help those in need.

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