Spreading Love and Nourishment at Divine Project’s October Food Drive

Oct 30, 2023Charity Events, Events, Humanitarian Efforts, Inspiration, Local Outreach, Philanthropy, Volunteering0 comments

In a heartfelt day filled with generosity and compassion, the Divine Project food drive at A Divine H2O was nothing short of inspiring. With the mission to serve the community, we embarked on a journey from West Hollywood to Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, armed with essential supplies and a deep commitment to make a difference.

📦 Packing Up at A Divine H2O: Our day began at A Divine H2O in West Hollywood, where dedicated volunteers came together to assemble packages of essential food items. The energy was palpable as we worked side by side, knowing that these supplies would soon find their way into the hands of those who needed them the most.

🚚 Delivering Hope to Skid Row: With our boxes of nourishment ready to go, we made our way to Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. The sense of community and shared purpose was unmissable as we distributed these supplies to those less fortunate. In every smile and every thank you, we saw the impact of our collective efforts.

🙌 A Big Thank You to the Volunteers: We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to this noble cause. Your presence and hard work made this project a resounding success.

🌟 Special Shoutout to Sofi Mamo: A round of applause to Sofi Mamo for her dedication and leadership in making this incredible project come to life. Her passion for serving the community is truly inspiring.

📸 Photo Credit: Dumisani Maraire Jr. of Love Heals The World: Before we conclude, a friendly reminder to credit Dumisani Maraire Jr. for capturing the beautiful moments of this day. His photography skills have brilliantly captured the essence of our mission, and we are grateful for his contribution.

In times like these, coming together to support one another is a powerful reminder of the goodness that exists in the world. The Divine Project food drive was a testament to the strength of community and the impact that a group of caring individuals can make. Let’s continue to spread love and healing to the world, one act of kindness at a time. ❤️🌍🤝


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