What Impact Has The Divine Project Food Drive Had on the Community?

Dec 4, 2023LHTW Originals0 comments

Sofi Mamo talks about the impact that the Divine Project Food Drive has had on the community. A reminder that no good deed is too small.

This interview is your ticket to witness how kindness and support can change someone’s world.

Stories like these need heroes like you! Volunteer at the next Food Drive and create your own inspiring tale. Register now at www.divineproject.org – together, we can script more happy endings!

Captured and edited by Dumisani Maraire Jr for Love Heals The World.

Join us as we share the healing power of love.

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Please spread the love by sharing this link and and if you have been moved in any way by this message please feel free to share in the comments. – #LHTW


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