Sofi’ Mamo’s Invitation to the Hope Rise Gala Fundraiser for Ethiopian Children

Dec 5, 2023LHTW Originals0 comments

Hey there, party animals and do-gooders! Sofi’s got a gala invite you don’t wanna miss – it’s a night of glitz, glamour, and doing some serious good!

Get those tuxedos and gowns ready, folks! Sofi spills the beans about the upcoming Hope Rise Gala. Individual tickets are out, only tables left!

Get ready for a night of elegance, raising funds for Ethiopia’s children, and maybe even a chance to bust some fancy moves on the dance floor.

So, RSVP pronto, grab a table, and let’s make the world a better place, one fabulous gala at a time!

Captured and edited by Dumisani Maraire Jr for Love Heals The World.

Join us as we share the healing power of love.

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Please spread the love by sharing this link and and if you have been moved in any way by this message please feel free to share in the comments. – #LHTW


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