LHTW Original: What Does The Word Love Mean to V The Passionate? | HMMA 2022 | LHTW

Dec 2, 2022LHTW Originals0 comments

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Hey Healers, in today’s episode Motivational Speaker and Tribe Builder V The Passionate answers a couple of questions about love with us on the red carpet of the Hollywood Music in Media Awards at Avalon in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

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A message from Love Heals The World:

– Hey Healers, please join us today in spreading the healing power of love. We’ve created the Love: Free, Still Works series to highlight activities and activists within our community that we see spreading the healing power of love.

Please spread the love by supporting the link and platforms in the post and if you have a public prayer for this particular topic share it in the comments below. – #LHTW


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