LHTW Original: Is Love Really Free?

Sep 22, 2022LHTW Originals0 comments

There are so many different flavors of love — love between parent and child, between spouses, between an individual and others (maybe friends, grandparents, or acquaintances), even love for animals and plants.

Whatever the channel of love you are subscribed to, in its’ purest form, love is an extension of oneself for the benefit of another person – even when there is no actual return.

Of course, in capitalist societies where money rules and greed corrupts, sometimes money must be raised to get anything accomplished but the great thing about love is that when you give with your whole heart it is reciprocated ten fold, or ten times over.

Unfortunately, in today’s world many things are mistaken for love when they are not. Lust, narcissism and misogyny will cost you financially or otherwise, every time.

Love is also commonly used as a scapegoat for bad behavior. Do not be fooled. For love, even when it’s tough, should build or heal you and it should never hurt you.

Love, true love, that little thing that makes you want to get involved in another person’s life in the first place, or to plant a tree in the earth’s soil, is free. It existed even before money and therefore does not carry a fee.


A message from Love Heals The World:

– Hey Healers, please join us today in spreading the healing power of love. We’ve created the Love: Free, Still Works series to highlight activities and activists within our community that we see spreading the healing power of love.

Please spread the love by supporting the link and platforms in the post and if you have a public prayer for this particular topic share it in the comments below. – #LHTW


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