LHTW Original: Best Actor Rhode Breaker Answers Questions About Love at SAS Studio’s NYE 2023 Grand Gala

Jan 31, 2023LHTW Originals0 comments

Please enjoy this original content we captured just for you in our LHTW Originals series which we curated to help spark conversations on the healing power of love.

The New Year’s Eve Grand Gala at SAS Films got a whole lot more interesting once we ran into the Best Actor Award winner, Rhode Breaker! In this exclusive video interview, Rhode opens up about his personal life, love, and his thoughts on acting and filmmaking.

Rhode shares that he never expected to find true love, but when he did, he found that it brought out the best qualities in both him and his wife. He emphasizes the importance of sharing your emotions and being rich in them. Rhode also talks about his YouTube channel and upcoming projects, including a short film and a feature movie that he’s producing.

And the cherry on top? Rhode has just won the Best Actor Award, and he credits SAS Films for their generosity in recognizing his talent as an actor. Rhode is a real talent, and SAS is legit!

We hope that this interview has brought a smile to your face and has spread some love and positivity. As Rhode says, “spread little, tiny pieces of yourself” and share the healing power of love. We would love for our readers, the Healers, to help us spread the word by sharing this content with others. Who knows, you might just spread a little bit of joy in the process!

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Captured, edited and written by Dumisani Maraire Jr.
A SuperVlogs.com Original.

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