Bree Webber Shares Love and Laughter at the Divine Project Food Drive

Nov 26, 2023LHTW Originals0 comments

Hey Healers! Get ready to ride the love and laughter rollercoaster with the fabulous Bree Webber!

In this full video, Bree spills the beans on what motivated her to jump into the Divine Project food drive.

Follow her on @xbestofbree on Instagram! Her upcoming adventures will tickle your funny bone!

Join us in experiencing this whirlwind of love and humor while gearing up for our Thanksgiving Food Drive on November 26th, 2023, at A Divine H2O in West Hollywood! Volunteer to serve at www.divineproject.org and let’s create magical moments together!

Captured, edited and written by Dumisani Maraire Jr.

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Join us as we share the healing power of love.

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