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Suppose we let our life satisfaction depend on things challenging to obtain. In that case, we set ourselves up for stress, discontent, and insecurity. We tend to worry a lot about not having what we want, losing what we have, and the future not playing out as we desire.

A much better alternative would be a minimalist mindset of abundance. If we experience no shortage in getting our needs met, we’ll quickly achieve a state of contentment. And the quickest way to reach abundance is by downgrading our needs. The less you want, the more you have. And when we have plenty, we care less about gain and loss; we’re less stressed about missing out and less fearful of change.

This video delves into the benefits of being satisfied with little, how this leads to a more carefree life, and how we can experience abundance instead of scarcity through a minimalist mindset. The less you want, the more you have (Minimalist Philosophy for Living in Abundance).

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00:00 – Intro
02:15 – From scarcity to abundance
05:54 – (1) The power of moderation
07:45 – (2) Being thankful for what we have
09:39 – (3) Contemplating the price of our needs
11:23 – (4) Staying out of long-term debt
13:32 – Wrap-up

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