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Dr. Mary Helen Hensley author and one of Ireland’s most sought-after metaphysical healers and synergistic speakers. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Graphic Design, Mary Helen went on to receive a Doctorate of Chiropractic in America, and practiced in Ireland from 1999 until 2012.

Following her near-death experience in 1991, Mary Helen began to realize that her previous skills of communicating with those in spirit had become so much more. A series of incredible, serendipitous events led her to develop her new-found ability to facilitate the healing process.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley was involved in a car accident that was to change her life forever. With vivid clarity, she was able to recount all that took place during her near death experience, along with a reconnecting to her life’s purpose, to healing.

Mary Helen has facilitated the healing process for countless individuals and is one of Ireland and Europe’s most sought after metaphysical healers.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Mary Helen Hensley.

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