Vlogs We Love: Patchman’s Magic Prosperity Affirmations

Jun 2, 2022Vlogs We Love0 comments

Use these in meditation to shift your mindset and your reality into prosperity and abundance!

When I talk to members of this beautiful Spirit community, I hear often that finances are the #1 issue in life. I have also been crashed by the waves of financial issues, which compelled me to learn more about money as energy. 

If money is energy and prosperity is consciousness, then a greater prosperity consciousness is the prerequisite to shift our relationship with money and help us live a prosperous life easily. 

And so I offer this meditation to you today as a tool that you can use freely to create more wealth in your life. If you listen to it every day, you will help your energy evolve over a spectrum of time. For me, I like to listen as i’m waking up in the morning. It will bring you into the day in a really vibrant way and help you to shift your energy towards prosperity consciousness.

I’d like to challenge you to try it every day for one month, and see what you get as results by the end of it. Share your experiences in the comments below, or in the Spirit Mysteries Sacred Community.

This meditation was created as a part of the Secret Language of Money, a course we offer in Spirit Mysteries. We’ve designed 3 different courses now to help you shift your financial paradigm, (just in case you liked this and want more).

You can learn more by visiting https://www.spiritmysteries.school, which is also the home of our online community. It’s free to join and we’d love to have you.

Mahalo, and have a blessed and beautiful day.



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