Vlogs We Love: NDE TV Presents Ray, a NY Police Chief had 2 NDEs, then invents a machine that talks to the dead!

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NDE TV Host Pegi Robinson presents Ray Feurstein, a New York Chief of Auxiliary Police with 30 years of experience as a Communications Engineer. Ray had a Near Death Experience at age 5 after being stung by a black spider ( from anaphylaxis shock). Ray died in the police car on the way to the hospital and was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was dead for 15-20 minutes. He woke up asking for his mother, shocking the nurses. At age 17, Ray died again from an appendix rupture (septic shock), causing him to miss his prom. Ray met his grandmother and his brother in Heaven, both of who he had never seen before. Later, Ray described the necklace his Grandmother Rose was wearing and knew the name of his brother, both of whom he had never been told about. Ray has invented a machine that communicates with the dead. Ray’s Lab,( O.W.E.L.) Other Worlds Energy Lab is a product of 20 years of research into the energies found during paranormal events. Ray’s Daughter Kira, a school teacher, can communicate with spirits and assists her father in his research.
Ray’s website- https://www.facebook.com/PSRLab/

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