Vlogs We Love: Narrated NDE Pet Stories | Near Death Experience Compilation

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A collection of near-death experience excerpts or stories of those who saw their pets in their NDE.
As a pet lover myself, it’s reassuring to know our beloved pets will still be there…when we return home when it is our time.


You can find the full NDE stories from the excerpts at the links below from www.nderf.org

► Yvette: https://bit.ly/3FQZayB
► Don : https://bit.ly/3BM6r09
► Jaqueline: https://bit.ly/3lKX4Zj
► Wayne: https://bit.ly/3FK8C6W
► Robert Bare: https://bit.ly/3aF2vTa
► Tracy: https://bit.ly/30mowUO
► Kustav’s NDE – https://goo.gl/CN4Vjd
► Charmain M’s NDE – https://goo.gl/HnR16e
► Morgan A’s NDE – https://goo.gl/V4pTdY
► Mary R’s NDE – https://goo.gl/juYz75
► Ray K’s NDE – https://goo.gl/IyFe6h
► Jonathan G’s NDE – https://goo.gl/UF9cf8
► Sandra E’s NDE – https://goo.gl/OrqcNW


►Narration: Dee from Spirit Tree Meditations
►Music: Audio Jungle
►Video: Pixabay/Pexels

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