Vlogs We Love: How Unconditional Love Heals Mind Body Spirit – Chunyi Lin

Jun 3, 2022Vlogs We Love0 comments

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Love is the most powerful healing power in the universe. Consider your illness, tumor, pain, challenges of any kind as a dying plant in a desert. Love is the water. When you give water to the dying plant, what happens? It becomes alive and healthy again. This is what happens when you send your love energy to your cancer, to your tumor, to your pain, or any problem.

Unconditional love is the universal code that can unlock any blockages. Once you send your love energy you bless that energy to transform it into something beautiful and healing.
I use this simple yet powerful technique to heal myself or help others to heal.

I send energy to the areas where I have pain with light. When I do healing on others I send this love energy from my heart in the light to bless the tumor and transform it into something beautiful.

And each time it works beautifully!

This is the secret behind all healing.

I love you and many blessings to you,
Master Chunyi Lin



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