Vlogs We Love: Have ET’s made Contact? Astronauts Talk Disclosure | Paul Wallis

Jun 2, 2022Vlogs We Love0 comments

On June 25th 2021 The Pentagon provided the US Senate with an intelligence briefing paper indicating that UAPs (today’s term for UFOs) interfere with US Defense Operations every 6 weeks. The paper says that there is no evidence that these UAPs / UFOs are either domestic or foreign technology. The paper failed to reveal why in 2020 Israeli Defense, French Intelligence and the Pentagon has acknowledged the possession of materials retrieved from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.” So, what has been withheld? All NASA personnel are bound by layers of official secrets laws. This makes all the more significant what they actually have said. Have ET’s already made Contact? Astronauts Talk Disclosure. Here I focus on 3 in particular…
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