Vlogs We Love: Cody Johnson, 'Til You Can't' + the Near-Death Experience That Inspired It

Jul 8, 2022Vlogs We Love0 comments

Cody Johnson reveals how a near-death experience changed everything for him, and led to a personal attachment to his song “‘Til You Can’t.”

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0:00 – Cody Johnson Interview
0:10 – Human: The Double Album
1:10 – “We’re Going Down”
2:25 – Til You Can’t
3:30 – When you stepped off that plane
5:04 – “I’ve fought my way out of a few bars”
6:15 – 60 Second Song Challenge

Cody Johnson recalls his pilot telling him “We’re going down.” Over the next 30 minutes he told his wife how he felt and started to question why he didn’t do the things most important in life.

During this interview with Taste of Country Nights, Cody Johnson also talks about the title-track to his new Human: The Double Album album, and shares stories from his wild past. Then he takes the 60-second song challenge.

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