Vlogs We Love: Broadway Actor Ben Vereen & Sofi Mamo React To War In Ethiopia – Hollywood Reacts

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#nomore #ethiopia #hollywoodreacts

Hey Reactors, in today’s episode Tony Award Winning Broadway Actor and Dancer Ben Vereen and A Divine H2o’s Sofi Mamo react to the on going war in Ethiopia.


#no more?

Yeah, Ethiopia is the creed of civilization and freedom.

You hear that? Hashtag no more means this. Ethiopia is the motherland. Where we all come from. Free mother. Stop oppressing her. Give her the independence that you’ve given everybody else. Free Ethiopia. Recognize her as the independent motherland that she is and then we’ll all be free.


Now, now, Sofi. Yes, Sofi. If we could just ask you a couple of questions concerning Ethiopia as well. Sofi what’s your reaction to what’s going on in your homeland of Ethiopia?

Well, so I, I’m not a politician. I don’t belong to any party. I don’t support any party. And politics is way above my pay grade. So this is not about politics. This is about… this is not even about nationalism.

It’s about humanism. Ethiopia is the mother of Africa. Ethiopia is the mother of all human beings. And if your mother is not at peace, you can never be at peace. If Ethiopia is not at peace. Africa is not at peace.

And if Africa is not at peace, the world is not at peace. So please support and pray for Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the creed of civilization, Ethiopia’s the creed of freedom for Africa for the last 4000 years. And no way are are we going to be colonized today.

So please support Ethiopia #nomore.

S003 E001 – Captured by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for Hollywood Reacts at A Divine H2o in Hollywood, CA.

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