Vlogs We Love: Beings of High Spiritual Power Redeemed Me | Near Death Experience | NDE

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Have you ever had a near death experience (NDE) or encountered an angel? If so please send your story of the afterlife to us via email, we would love to hear it.

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I Met Jesus During My Near Death Experience | NDE
► https://youtu.be/s-wKQwoOJRc

I Met A Being Of Pure Light | Near Death Experience | NDE
► https://youtu.be/n5JGTXPjkL0

I Was One With Everything | Near Death Experience | NDE
► https://youtu.be/GMo2eSXsHc8

I Traveled To Other Planets During My Near Death Experience | NDE
► https://youtu.be/p6_wOtNxHKc

I Died During Surgery And Went To The Light | Near Death Experience | NDE
► https://youtu.be/4FVtWXSwQPk

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