Vlogs We Love: Atheism Led Him Into Hell & God Brought Him To Heaven! #nde

Nov 2, 2022Vlogs We Love0 comments

Bryan Melvin died and experienced hell. The people he met there were telling him that he had entered paradise, but they were lying. Their illusion of paradise turned into a gut wrenching hell replete with demons and tormented souls. He met Hitler, a preacher who had constantly seduced women, and several other persons who had died and rejected God. But after being resuscitated Bryan suffered from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Nightmares about his having been in hell haunted him until one fateful evening. A thundering voice declared to him that he was in a holy place. Next, Bryan was ushered before Jesus, in Heaven, and he witnessed paradise. This incredible experience in Heaven healed Bryan of PTSD, and it did much more. Bryan saw God, angels, declarations of things to come, and many other life changing visions. This is a video that starts in hell and ends in Heaven. The experience in watching it will change your life.

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