Vlogs We Love: 432 Hz The Magical Number Documentary Chapter one

Jun 1, 2022Vlogs We Love0 comments

In this documentary divided by three parts, the listener is informed of the debate about frequencies, more precisely 432hz and 440hz, in this first part the theme is introduced and expanded. The aim is to reveal the mysteries related to the mathematical sequence of 432. This documentary will try to connect matters such as astrophysics, contemporary music, and ancient history. In this first chapter the goal is to inform and try to get the listener to discuss certain issues, in the next chapters the mysteries are deepening and a good foundation is needed. I hope you enjoy this introduction and wait for the conclusion of the next chapters. Please subscribe and help the channel expand and cross borders around the world.
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I am currently writing the list of songs present in the video as well as the articles that can be read online about the subject, once the list is complete the links will be added as soon as possible.



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