Love Frequencies: Sleeping to River Water White Noise + 432 HZ Frequency + Dim Screen

Jun 27, 2022Love Frequencies0 comments

Enjoy Sleeping to River Water White Noise and 432 hz with a evening dim screen. For this week’s relaxing video we went to the Tellico River basin to film the water white noise and we combined a 432 hertz tuning fork into the background for extra calming and sleeping effects.
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At the start of the video the screen slowly dims until we reach that twilight dusk feeling. From there you can watch the white water ripple for a relaxing visual as the calming water white noise puts you to sleep. This was filmed in 4k as I stood in the center of the relaxing river. Please comment down below and let me know what you think of this unique creation. If you have any other great ideas for a video I could produce just let me know!

We release 10 hour long relaxing videos every Sunday evening. Please take a moment to tune in and comment if you have any great suggestions what we could create next. I reply to each and every comment on my channel as I appreciate the subscribers that have helped create this collective artwork. This channel wouldn’t be possible without you, the viewer! Thank you for being part of this co-creation.

Here is a short equipment list that we use to create all of these relaxing sleep videos which includes, but is not limited too the following. Go Pro’s, A Nikon 7500, A Mavic Pro Drone, a trusty Tascam DR-40 for most of the audio recordings in mp3 format at 320 kbps, a range of microphones including a Sure 57 for that nice low end sound. For production of both video and audio I exclusively use Adobe Premiere Pro. If you have any questions about how I recorded something, just send me a message and i will reply.

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Here at Randall’s Rest and Relaxation I strive to produce the most customized, unique and relaxing ambient white noise sleep videos ! My videos are excellent for sleep sounds, relaxing sounds , or as a well needed relaxing background noise to focus, read, or work. I film each video myself each week and record the sounds on every video using a variety of equipment. Thus no two videos are alike as I can continually put a new technique into a common relaxing sound.

I make these videos for you, the subscribers while I absolutely love the process of creation. I enjoy every morning waking up and and drinking my coffee as I respond to every comment left on my channel. I love this opportunity I have to help you relax and get a good nights sleep. Sleep is paramount to well being, and a healthy life. My job would not be possible without you friends. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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Always listen to any sound at a safe volume. You should still be able to talk over one of my relaxing videos. If you can’t, you should turn the volume down to a reasonable level until you can. The relaxing sounds provided by Randall’s Rest & Relaxation are for entertainment purposes only and are not a treatment for sleep disorders, sleep problems, tinnitus or other health concerns. © Randall’s Rest & Relaxation LLC, 2020.


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