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The latest eclectic R&B single by 3 Time Grammy Nominated Singer/ Songwriter, Kief Brown, Move Around is a floor filla.. Produced by Award Winning EDM Producer, Ford, this dynamic duo brings the heat to the dance floor.

Move Around
(Ford – Schomaker)
Performed by Kief Brown
Produced in 432Hz by Ford
FordProductions, Atlanta
©2020 Ford Productions, LLC

This new way of fractal tuning just might be the greatest invention Nikola Tesla gifted to the world. Only through Vortex mathematics did he discover what he would later call, “the miracle of 369”, which is the phi tuning used to create all of the music on the Phi Tribe Channel.

Phi Tribe
It’s Deeper Than You Think.

Phi Tribe is your exclusive source for all music using this balanced tuning, with an entire catalog of music created in 432Hz and utilizing Phi Tuning methods to suit any mood or activity.

Released by Phi Tribe Entertainment

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