Love Frequencies: Lost Temple | 6 Hours of Ancient Cathedral Music | 432Hz

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According to a number of studies on the properties of music itself, A=432Hz is mathematically consistent with the universe. Verdi and many other musicians, like Mozart, tuned their music to this frequency because of its healing nature and the natural good feelings it evoked in the audience. In fact, Verdi wrote to the Congress of Italian Musicians to have 432Hz approved as the standard tuning. Subsequently, this was unanimously in 1881 and recommended further by physicists Joseph Sauveur and Felix Savart, as well as by the Italian scientist Bartolomeo Grassi Landi.
However, it wasn’t enough. Even though this was approved in Italy at the time, music is not tuned at 432Hz as standard today, despite geniuses like Verdi and many great producers and composers agreeing that this frequency is disharmonious because it has no scientific relationship to the physical laws that govern our universe.
#Make the world 432 again!
Most music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953. However, the recent rediscoveries of the vibratory / oscillatory nature of the universe indicate that this contemporary international concert pitch standard may generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings, creating massive disorder and chaos within society. This is totally unfair, and we need to change it.
Time for a musical revolution! We all want peace, but for peace we need harmony. And what better way to achieve harmony than being in tune with the universe’s frequency! This change might very well be the shift we all need.

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