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Allow yourself to enter the astral realm or drift far away into magical lucid dreams and or Astral Project tonight with this soft sleep music tuned to 432 Hz for deep lucid dreaming and astral projection

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A fully lucid dream is a dream where you are aware and in total control of your dream, rich and visually detailed. Because all of this takes place in your mind, the dream world is only limited by your own fantasy, no boundaries. You can literally take control of your dream and warp The Matrix like Neo. Fly and soar over cities like Iron Man, Travel through time like Dr. Strange, Fight like a ninja, Re-live childhood memories, Base jump, ANYTHING you can imagine!

Theta binaural beats between 4 – 8 Hz are linked to REM sleep, REM stands for rapid eye movement and is the stage of sleep where your dreams typically happen and also the reason why we infuse our music with theta binaural beats.

432Hz: Aligning with Nature’s Heartbeat
We don’t always hear a lot of music tuned to 432Hz, because almost everything we hear on the radio or at concerts is tuned to 440Hz (the accepted standard). However, when we do change that tuning, even by a measly 8 wave-cycles per second, the change to our consciousness and our bodies is dramatic.
A 2016 study about listening to music during dental procedures found that music at 432Hz relieved anxiety, reduced heart rate and blood pressure, and improved perception of pain levels during surgery. But what is so magical about 432Hz?
A key scientific factor in why this particular frequency has the power to calm us down and improve our state of mind lies in something called the Schumann Resonance. German physicist, Winfried Otto Schumann first documented the Schumann Resonance, which is the frequency of the magnetic waves constantly resonating between Earth’s surface and the ionosphere (upper atmosphere). This frequency is about 8Hz and is sometimes called the heartbeat of the Earth because of its constant vibration.
8Hz is connected to 432Hz because the two frequencies resonate with each other. Not all combinations of frequencies resonate well with each other. Next time you’re at a piano, try pressing an adjacent set of white and black keys and you’ll hear them clash.
Without getting into too much math, tuning A to 432 makes C-notes fall on powers of two in different octaves. So the lowest C we can hear is at 16Hz, then the next at 32Hz, and so on. The first C we cannot hear is 8Hz, the heartbeat of the earth.
So even though we can’t hear 8Hz, when we play music tuned to 432Hz, we are playing music that is harmonized with the resonance of the Earth, as opposed to clashing with it.
Though most music is tuned to 440Hz, adjusting that tuning by a mere 8Hz has the power to shape our moods, relieve anxiety, and lower our vital signs, demonstrating the unique power of music to change our lives


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The Astral Circle loves to provide you high-quality content for deep sleep and meditation. Our content is directed to all the people that are interested in Solfeggio frequencies, Binaural beats, lucid dreaming, and astral projection.

The content on our channel has binaural beats or solfeggio frequencies embedded to enhance the experience of a meditative and relaxed state of mind which can often be a gateway to entering altered states of consciousness and experience profound experiences such as lucid dreaming, astral projection or deep meditation.

We believe that meditative music, in general, has the potential to assist the listeners in reaching these altered states of consciousness. In our channel, we put together the frequencies that we believe are the most harmonizing, healing and rejuvenating.

The real ability to astral project or lucid dream comes from you, not the music. It is just a facilitator for yourself to go into the right state of mind.

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