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One of the hottest synthpop alternative tracks of 2021 is back, “Dream Killers”, is the synthwave debut original song by the band, ‘divine love mission’.
This 80s music, depeche mode style band made quite an impression on movie executives, and their song, “Dream Killers”, was instantly placed in Disney’s Movies, Air Buddies film series, AirBud : “Russel Madness”, under the song title, “Keep The Dream Alive”. The Movie producers loved the positive energy of the song, but thought the title was not as positive for children, and so the song title and chorus of the song were changed for the movie.

Now fully re-produced in 2021 in HD 432Hz, and presented in its unreleased original glory, “Dream Killers” is the lead-off single to divine love missions resurgence, including all original members, for a soon to be released full-length electro-pop album, “A Revelation of Mind”, including original songs “Never Coming Down” , “One Love” , “Rabbit Hole” and so much more.

Written – Produced – Mixed
In 432Hz and Phi Tuning
By Ford
FORD Productions, Atlanta
©2010 FORD Productions, LLC

Released by Phi Tribe Entertainment

divine love mission is:
Ben Frame
Jeff Mars

To connect with divine love mission directly, leave a comment. We read everyone and respond to as many as we can. or drop us a line on fb.


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Video by
Creative Commons
“A Lovecraft Dream – Short Film”
By Michele Botticelli
Michele Botticelli Channel


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