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Designed to heal fears and anxieties associated with this chakra by establishing a foundation of security through toroidal balance.

Before recently getting our Monatomic Music channel hacked, Millions of people were sleeping to this 432Hz Deep Sleep Music Video regularly. It was the #1 video on our channel, and this root chakra balancing music inspired tens of thousands of people to pour their hearts out in the comment section, to be received by loving, comforting strangers; who at many times called this sleep video, “the most beautiful comment section on YouTube”. I hope we can keep that love going on our new channel, Phi Tribe.

As the creator and composer of this deep sleep chakra balancing music series, reading the comments on the 7 main Chakra Sleep Music Videos was the highlight of my nightly relaxing routine. To know that, after a 30 year music career, I could channel through so much love and joy in such an unexpected way is magical.

This Sleep Music Video is the original music recording from the previous version, but since we had to start over, we did upgrade the video a bit. At the request of many in the comments, after the 3 minute introduction, the screen will go dark to a completely Black Screen.

For 60 minutes, Binaural Beat Theta Waves, (4Hz) will lull you into a hypnogogic state and the frequencies of the Muladhara, Root chakra will be toroidal balanced through the power of 432Hz, and Phi tuning, which uses vortex mathematics to bring this energy center into a balance with the perfection of The Golden Ratio.

This root chakra program is designed to heal fears and anxieties associated with this chakra, and align you with security and stability. Whether we realize it or not, we are eternally held in safety. Let this chakra balancing take place now, so you may face your most dreaded nightmares with empowerment, courage and ease. Healing your deepest wounds with the medicine that heals all, Unconditional Love.

This chakra balance will provide you with instant stress relief to the sufferings of the root chakra , and give you the deepest relaxation, and deepest sleep possible.

On a technical note, this new way of fractal tuning just might be the greatest invention Nikola Tesla gifted to the world. Only through Vortex mathematics did he discover what he later called “the miracle of 369”, the tuning used to create this series.
At the end of eight hours, this video will gently wake you up to an ocean sunrise, and with messages of loving gratitude to start your day.

Phi Tribe
It’s Deeper Than You Think.

Composed Produced and Mixed by FORD
FordProductions, Atlanta

Video created by Ford

Phi Tribe is your exclusive source for all music using this balanced tuning, with an entire catalog of music in 432Hz to suit any mood or activity.

Released by Phi Tribe Entertainment

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