Love Frequencies: Brent Faiyaz – Skyline (432Hz)

Nov 11, 2022Love Frequencies0 comments

Brent Faiyaz – Skyline (432Hz) | The Official Audio converted to the Natural Frequency available now on PranaTuneZ!

Unreleased Songs as of 2020 and beyond will only be sent through email with no exceptions. DM me on Instagram @calvinjream for unreleased song requests.

I can also convert any song to each of the 9 solfeggio frequencies. Request any song in the frequency you want down in the comments 💎

My Effective Tutorial on how I convert all of my music to 432Hz or 528Hz 💎
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If you can realize that you are listening to a lot of intervals, you can still hear the music in the silence, the beauty in the silence. The power of the interval can reprogram the subconscious mind in a positive way. Listening to 432Hz music can unlock the right brain hemisphere. You can now unlock the creative part of your brain which is what you need to become limitless.

Pure Elevation to You and Your Soul Tribe.
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