Love Frequencies: Attract Your Higher Self | 20 Minute Meditation (VERY STRONG) | 432Hz

Jul 28, 2022Love Frequencies0 comments

Couldn’t find many 20-minute meditation music videos I liked on youtube, so I decided to make my own.

Couple quick notes:

1. Remember there are NO rules! Do the full 20, do 5-min, do this with eyes open or closed! Doesn’t matter. Whatever works for you is the RIGHT way.

2. Binaural Beats have been placed behind the music. We recommend listening to this meditation with headphones for full benefit! These will help get you into theta/alpha state faster so you receive the full benefit of meditation.

3. Be sure to “Favorite” this video so you can come back to it! Every time you do this meditation it will get stronger.

4. Mid-roll ads have been turned off, so please pay for/support this video with a “LIKE” and share it with someone who needs it! Please enjoy this 20-minute meditation on attracting your higher self 🙂

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