Love Frequencies: 432 Hz Singing Bowl / Temple Bell – Sound Meditation – Peaceful Magical Sound

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432 Hz Singing Bowl / Temple Bell / Rin Sound Meditation Peaceful Magical sound
14 minute Sound recording of a 432 Hz Singing bowl / Temple Bell
For a 30 minute version of the 432 Hz Temple Bell please click on the link
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Simple guidance for mindfully listening to this sound of singing bowl meditation

Sit in a comfortable position for you, allow your shoulders to drop and rest your hands in your lap or on your knees.
Take a few deep breaths allowing your out breath to be longer than your in breath, feel the rise and fall of your body as you breathe in and out.
Return to your body breathing naturally, feel the rhythm of your body, the familiar movement of breathing

Now place your attention on the sound of the bell, fully focus on the sound, following each strike
Notice if the sound affects any part of your body more than another
Notice the quality of the sound

As you listen to the bell notice your mind calming and your body relaxing
If your mind wanders as it will do, bring your attention back to your breath for a moment or two, the familiar rhythm of body then focus again on the sound
Notice how your body feels at the end of this sound meditation
Give yourself a couple of minutes to simply sit before beginning gentle movements, perhaps gently shaking your hands, flexing your toes and circling your ankles
Finally place your hands together over your heart area and acknowledge this time you’ve given yourself to relax and refresh.

For a short meditation you may also listen to a 5 minute clip of this medittion at he frequency of 2-3x per day.

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