Let Us Pray: U.S. to revoke Ethiopia's AGOA access from January 1, 2022

Jul 30, 2022Let Us Pray0 comments

Just over a week from now, Ethiopia’s exports to the United States will no longer enjoy duty-free, quota-free access to the world’s biggest economy. The move was announced in early November by President Joe Biden. In a letter to US lawmakers, he said Ethiopia was not in compliance with AGOA, given quote, “gross violations of human rights,” end of quote. The conflict between the Federal Government and the TPLF has been running for 13-months, with millions of Ethiopians at risk of starvation. TPLF forces have been pushed back to Tigray province. January 1st, is now just 8 days away.  If AGOA access is revoked – as planned – what effect would that have on the country of 100 million? I explored that with Zemedeneh Negatu, some hours ago.

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