Let Us Pray: How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Addiction | Genesis HealthCare

Oct 2, 2022Let Us Pray0 comments

Meet Denise Williams, LISW-S, LICDC-CS, manager of therapeutic services at Genesis Behavioral Health. Denise discusses addiction and how it can affect people of all ages and economic backgrounds. She also answers numerous questions about addiction and its treatment such as, what are the signs and symptoms of addiction including mood swings, secrecy and personal hygiene; and what can you do if you suspect a loved one is struggling with addiction; Denise discusses shame and guilt associated with addiction; how addiction is a disease like diabetes and heart disease. Contact Genesis Behavioral Health at (740) 454-5927 for more information.


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– Hey Healers, please join us today in praying for the world. We’ve created the Let Us Pray category to highlight some of the challenges the world is facing and we believe that love has the power to heal those creating the challenges and those affected by them.

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