Let Us Pray: How Do Drug Addicts Think

Jul 26, 2022Let Us Pray0 comments

How do drug addicts think about themselves, their relationships, and the drugs? This video covers these 3 topics. Addiction specialist Amber Hollingsworth explains what goes in inside the mind of an addict.

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About Me/Us
My name is Amber Hollingsworth, and I worked in a private psychiatric hospital for 10 years. This facility provided acute care (short term) for serious mental health and Substance Use Disorders. I learned a LOT from my experience working in a psychiatric hospital. I got to see and treat almost every type of mental health and addiction issue you can think of, but it felt like a revolving door. I’d see the same people come in over and over and their families were absolutely desperate for help.

Unfortunately, the system isn’t set up to help families in general. I did pretty much every job in that hospital that a counselor could do! I worked in detox. I developed and ran an adolescent substance abuse program. I worked sometimes worked on the unit with severe mental health patients such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personal Disorder, and many more.

In addition to working as a counselor in the inpatient facility and the intensive outpatient programs, I also served as Patient Advocate and Service Excellence Coordinator. The Patient Advocate is the person that gets called in when a patient or family member has a complaint. The Service Excellence Coordinator was the person who trained all new staff on providing excellent clinical and customer services.

These experiences gave me a unique perspective on the flaws of our mental health and substance abuse systems and also what needed to be done to correct them.

I don’t want to make the facility out to be an inadequate facility. In fact, it was one of the better emergency mental health facilities. It just wasn’t useful for creating long term recovery. You see, the system just isn’t set up in a way that’s conducive to creating sustainable long term change for individuals or families.

All this led to me deciding to leave the hospital and start my own addiction treatment center, specializing in addicted family systems. Over the years, I had developed lots of good relationships with other clinicians, and I knew who was the best! I put together a superstar team, and we now run out own outpatient addiction treatment practice called Hope For Families Recovery Center.

We’ve worked very hard not to tie ourselves to the “big system.” We don’t work for the insurance companies. We don’t work for a hospital system, We don’t answer to anyone except our clients, their families, and the licensing boards that provide us with our professional license. We have all Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC)-(which is mental health counselors) and also Licensed Addiction Counselors (LAC).

We don’t provide inpatient treatment, but we do partner with a phenomenal sober living facility called Greenville Transitions. They offer top-notch sober living care for young men in the early stages of recovery. https://www.greenvilletransitions.com

Our YouTube channel is our way of trying to help as many people as possible find the answers they need to beat addiction. We spend a ton of time and money, creating these resources and support that you find them valuable and will share them with anyone else you know who may need them. The educational library of addiction resources on our YouTube channel is completely free of charge and are readily available to any person or family who needs them. So please consider subscribing if you haven’t already.

You can help us in our mission to get the right information to everyone who needs it by sharing these family recovery resources.

We know that not everyone can access our treatment services, but we do offer consultations and coaching sessions to individuals and families all over the country.


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