Eat To Live: 2 Years w/o Being Sick on the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet!! | Why Acid Foods Create Mucus & Inflammation

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2 Years w/o Being Sick on the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet!! | Why Acid Foods Create Mucus & Inflammation

What are my fav foods to eat? Avocado, Quinoa all color Peppers, Spelt and Kamut Cereals, Spelt and Rye bread, all mushrooms except shitake, arugula and romain salads, all squashes, green yellow and red onions…..Also I try to eat black rice, wild rice or basmati along with all the berries and alkaline fruits. I actually used to play basketball at this club called Sportslife in ATL…I would play basketball there as a high schooler with Andre Rison and Deon Sanders and Left Eye used to watch us play. I never knew it was her until Risons house was leveled strangely enough. I’ll do a lecture on that in the future.

This particular lecture is about my journey from eliminating meat and dairy from my diet. I’ve been vegan for about 15 years now and on the alkaline electric and ancient food diet for about 10 years of that time. When I was a regular vegetarian I’d get sick all the time usually eating pasta or salsa by first having a scratchy throat that eventually spreads to the sinuses and would make me sick. When I went vegan, both of my nostrils immediately opened up after a lifetime of having at least one clogged with mucus. I would get sick maybe like 2-3 times a year. When I started on the Dr. Sebi food list in 2012 I was able to stay healthy for a whole year and even once hit the year and a half landmark. Yet today I’m celebrating a full two years of continuous health on his alkaline list with the help of daily morning fasting and trees. After developing a dad belly I recently began taking daily walks after do some research on the health benefits of daily walks. Dick Gregory always advocated walking every day and so did my grandfather actually. This is why I’m doing lots of new lectures while walking.

Before all of this, I stopped eating beef and pork in 1996 as well as fast food. Then in 1999 I stopped eating birds / poultry which was always troublesome at thanksgiving with family members asking questions or being a guest at somebodys function. Many times people would ask me why I dont eat the turkey…. In 2007 I was helping my homie Divine Elohim master his album and he had a spoken word poetry song about pus being found in industrial cow milk and I immediately had a cognitive dissonance moment where I really thought about what was in my pizza cheese. I got grossed out and went vegan after hearing that track; never touched cheese or fish again. At the time I was only really veering from vegan as a ‘vegetarian’ eating nyc pizza, tuna sandwiches and those snickers ice cream bar jump offs.


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